My Accounts: Crazies, Friends and Catfish II

Here’s the second half of my first My Accounts installment to my blog. Please enjoy and give feedback. True Colors Dalon had been staying with Kacy for a couple of weeks, and from… Continue reading

My Accounts: Crazies, Friends and Catfish

I want to start a series on this blog that will allow me to share some of my stories. I may only be 24, but I have had some experiences that people twice… Continue reading

Guiness Looks Out For the LGBT

I found this article and was thoroughly please with what I found. More people, and companies should stand up for what they believe in. Equality should not be a question withheld from anyone.… Continue reading

Guest Blogger: U. S. Military Life After DADT

This is a Post I wrote for a good friend of mine, at first I was a little afraid to share it on my own blog, but now that I think about it,… Continue reading

Vacation Time (Finding the Bottom of YouTube)

I took the next ten days off work. I am just tired, I have worked myself to the bone and I need a break. I have no intention of doing any real work… Continue reading

That’s two in a row. Relationship disclaimers

So, this blogger left a comment on one of my most recent posts with a very different opinion on what I had said. I didn’t mind, and don’t ever mind it, the beautiful… Continue reading

Slavery, An Eye Opener to Inequality and Discrimination.

Today, I finally mustered up the strength to watch 12 Years a Slave, the story of a free black man, forcibly sold into slavery and his journey to become free again. It was… Continue reading

You’re Gay, What If Your Kids Are Gay?

Having children is an amazing thing, parenthood can bring couples together or tear them apart. I have always wanted children, but I want to have children when I am at a comfortable place… Continue reading

HIV, Helping Through Loss

There is hardly a soul in the LGBT community that has not been touched by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) epidemic. Whether they have a friend, family member, or they themselves have the… Continue reading

Bisexual, Not on the Down-low

There is a common misconception within the gay community, and even from the outside looking in it happens. Confusing bisexuality with a man “being on the down-low”, or dating women by day and… Continue reading